Kristen Bjorn….Xavi Garcia..Jonathan Forres

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Oct 162016


Xavi Garcia..Jonathan Forrest

Feeling restless in the city, Xavi Garcia and Jonathan Forrest head out of town for a sex holiday. Xavi loves that he and Jonathan are so opposite and yet with the same hotwired desire for hard raw sex. Jonathan worships Xavi’s hairy, fat, uncut cock, forcing it down his throat. Xavi needs to be cautious, his balls are drawn up so tight that he could literally flood Jonathan’s gullet with his sweet cream right now. Instead he spreads Jonathan’s legs wide open and crashes his tongue into his hot, hairy, pink hole. Jonathan flips onto all 4’s as Xavi plunges his fat, meaty cock deep inside of Jonathan’s ass. Xavi and Jonathan loving feeding the others sex beast with all their sexual energy and desires to drive the other wild with lust. The guys enter into a chatter where the demands fly almost as fast as Xavi’s hairy nuts flying through the air and landing hard on Jonathan’s ass repeatedly smacking him. Jonathan grinds his ass aggressively against Xavi’s hot cock, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into his ravenousness hole. Xavi flips so that Jonathan can ride his cock and grind away from on top, giving Jonathan exactly what he wants, his cock buried balls to the wall deep in his pink hole. Jonathan ends up on his back stuffed with his hairy Daddies cock. Xavi fucks the cum out of Jonathan’s cock and onto his ripped abs. As soon as Xavi sees and feels Jonathan’s cum he rips off a huge load of creamy cum that showers Jonathan’s ass and coats his smooth, pink interior fuck muscle. Let’s plan a wild sex holiday real soon!


Kristen Bjorn….Manuel Belator..Salvador Mendoza

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Oct 162016


Manuel Belator..Salvador Mendoza

After a few beers, Salvador Mendoza invites Manuel Belator back to his place. Salvador digs his hands deep into Manuel’s hot, hairy ass as Manuel’s cock is straining to be free of the taught jock strap. Salvador eagerly releases Manuel’s hard cock and swallows him whole. Manuel is impatient to get his hands on that massive bulge in Salvador’s jeans that he has eyeing up all night. Manuel savors every part of that huge cock as is slides deeper and deeper into his mouth until he is balls deep in cock. Salvador takes full control and throws Manuel onto his back on the sofa and begins exploring his hairy hole with his probing tongue. Manuel then flips Salvador onto his back and shows him that he is equally in control and plunges his raw cock into Salvador’s hungry hole. Salvador knows that Manuel is hot and horny now and bends him over, spits on the head of his cock and rams it deep inside of Manuel’s talented ass. As Salvador pulls out, Manuel keeps his ass open as Salvador’s cock plunges in and out, building his rhythm with every plunging thrust. Manuel moves over top of Salvador and squats down on his throbbing cock so that he can truly get the full length of his cock inside of him as his own cock begins the dance of pure pleasure. Manuel rams his ass down hard onto Salvador’s cock as he erupts his creamy load of cum. Salvador loves the feeling of ass muscles contracting on his cock and picks up the pace and rapid fire fucks Manuel until he lavishes his ass inside and out with his hot load of cum.


Kristen Bjorn….Juanjo Rodriguez..Jay Moore

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Oct 162016


Juanjo Rodriguez..Jay Moore

After a hot night of clubbing, Juanjo Rodriguez brings Jay Moore back to his place just before their throbbing cocks explode out of their shorts. The men begin with some passionate kissing that commingles their masculine facial hair together. As the tongues dart out in a fit of lust, so do their rock hard cocks. Jay sits on the back of the sofa with his legs spread wide open so that Juanjo has full access to his smooth cock. Juanjo works his cock over with his thirsty lips and deep throat. Jay then moves in and devours Juanjo’s fully erect cock. Jay wants to make sure that he is fully erect and forces the huge cock down his expanding throat. Juanjo flips Jay onto his back and pierces his smooth, pink hole with his probing tongue. With both cock and ass slicked up with a mixture of saliva, Juanjo slams his raw cock deep into that hungry ass. Jay then positions his ass over Juanjo’s cock and rides the huge cock while his own cock flops around and his balls begin to draw up tight in preparation for an explosion. Juanjo flips Jay onto his back and pounds his ass hard while Jay strokes his rock solid cock. That smooth, pink hole has brought Juanjo to the cliff’s edge and plunges him over in total ecstasy as he erupts his thick creamy load of cum all over that hot ass. Juanjo coats his cock with his own cum and shoves his cock back into Jay and continues to fuck him. The feeling of Juanjo’s cum slicked cock pounding his ass forces Jay’s balls to permeate his cock with cum and explode it all over his abs. A hot night at the club just got a lot hotter.


Kristen Bjorn….William Bravo..Hans Berlin

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Oct 162016


William Bravo..Hans Berlin

“William and Hans met up for coffee and decide that it is a good match and return to William’s apartment for some hot and wild sex. Things get steamy real fast with Hans demanding William to suck his cock and William greets the demands with great enthusiasm. William then feeds his huge cock to Hans, who chokes, gags and drools just to be able to swallow that monster cock. Hans releases his inhibitions and allows for William’s fat cock to take control of his mouth and throat. William is literally blown away with Hans’ talents that he lets his huge load flood Hans’ mouth. There is so much cum that Hans is unable to consume it all as it flows from his lips. Hans bends over and commands William to fuck him deep and hard with his big cock. Hans continues with his demands and tells William that his hole is for him to use and fuck. William fucks Hans hard, hairy hole with all the force that he can. Hans then sits down on William’s monster cock and grinds it deep inside of himself. As Hans fucks himself his hard cock is flopping around and his balls are drawing up as the cum builds deep inside of them. William begins to rapid fire fuck Hans as Hans takes his straining cock in his hand just before he blows his creamy load and shouts at William to continue fucking him. Hans collapses on top of William and reflects that this was one fucking hot hook up.”


Kristen Bjorn….Hugo Martin..Quiles

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Oct 162016


Hugo Martin..Quiles

“Hugo is conducting a photo shoot with Quiles. Quiles loves the camera and showing off his hot muscular body, his uniforms and his extensive ink. When Quiles changes into his leather he really turns up the heat and Hugo’s desires. Running his hands over his huge chest and ripped abs turns Quiles on as well as Hugo. Hugo tries to make some adjustments for the shoot, but Quiles has other plans as he releases Hugo’s straining cock. Quiles works over Hugo’s throbbing cock and huge mushroom head, spitting, sucking and savoring it all as it glides in and out of his hungry mouth. Hugo then takes Quiles’ fat, curved cock into his mouth as he struggles to swallow it all. Hugo then flips Quiles and begins to spit, lick, finger and rim his hot pink hole before ramming his hefty cock deep inside of that wet hole. Relentlessly, Hugo pounds away at Quiles’ ass as Quiles does everything to control his breathing and accept that huge cock fucking him. Quiles flips over and opens his hole for Hugo and struggles to receive that huge mushroom head burrowing deeper and deeper into his hole. Quiles quickly crosses the threshold into pure pleasure. Hugo feels Quiles’ ass muscles relax and takes advantage of the situation and pounds him deeper and harder. Quiles has reached the peak of pleasure and erupts a huge load of creamy cum all over his ripped abs. Hugo continues to fuck the cum out of Quiles until his own cock can no longer hold back. Hugo’s huge mushroom head explodes and flows a molten river of cum. Now that is a photo shoot you don’t want to miss out on.”


Kristen Bjorn….Sergio Serrano..Theo S

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Oct 162016


Sergio Serrano..Theo S

“On his way home Sergio was checking out the local hot guys on his mobile app and came across Theo. Theo invited Sergio over and they get right down to business. The guys strip down and Sergio starts sucking on Theo’s already throbbing hot cock. Theo loves Sergio’s wet lips wrapped around his cock, but he is hungrier to have Sergio’s humongous cock in his mouth. He gives it his best effort, allowing Sergio’s thick cock to pry its way down his throat. Theo continues with lots of determination and manages to take it all and heighten Sergio’s level of pleasure. Theo then squats over Sergio’s face and receives the tongue fucking he was hoping for. Sergio wants to make sure that that hole is nice and moist when he rams his huge cock deep inside of it. And Sergio does just that, he rams his cock full shaft deep into Theo. After taking Theo’s ass completely, Sergio allows Theo to fuck himself with his cock, rocking back and forth feeling the length and girth fill his ass. Sergio then flips Theo over to gain complete access to his hungry hole. With that huge cock grinding deep inside of him, Theo shoots a huge load that lands all over his chest and thighs. Sergio loves the sensation on his cock as Theo blows his load that his own load is drawn out from him and showers Theo’s abs with hot globs of cum. Now that was a hot hook up.”


Kristen Bjorn….Tony Rivera..Julio Rey

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Oct 162016


Tony Rivera..Julio Rey

“Tony and Julio have been trying to hook up for some time, today it finally happens. As soon as Julio enters the room the juices begin flowing. After a month of exchanging photos and fantasies the time has come to put your cock where your mouth is. Julio now gets to taste that hot cock that has driven him crazy online. Both men work over each other’s straining hard ons with great enthusiasm. Julio loves Toni’s hot mouth on his cock and begins to fuck him with it, but Tony is poised with just as much eagerness and devours Julio’s cock. With his cock super sized and fully lubed, Julio gets to work on Toni’s hot pink hole. Julio chows down on Toni’s ass like it was the last ass on earth. Tony cannot take it any longer and needs that hot cock in his ass. Julio sits down on the bed and Tony squats down over him. Julio feeds Toni’s ass his thick, uncut cock as deep as Tony wants it. Tony whirls around so that he can face Julio as he continues to be pounded by Julio. Julio flips Tony onto his back and spreads his legs wide as he penetrates his wet hole nice and deep. Tony has entered into a state of euphoria as he strokes his cock and Julio slams his ass hard. Toni’s euphoric state takes him to the next level of pleasure as he gushes his thick creamy load all over his ripped, inked abs. Julio loves the sensation that he has brought his partner to such a state and the sensation runs from deep within him and out the full length of his throbbing cock. Julio pulls out and sprays Tony with his hot load. As the two kiss and enjoy the moment Julio is still dripping cum from his fat cock head. Some things are worth waiting for and can make the experience that much greater.”


Kristen Bjorn….Diesel O’Green..Elio Guzman

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Oct 162016


Diesel O’Green..Elio Guzman

“Diesel has invited Elio over for some hot sex and jumps into the shower. He leaves the door unlocked and Elio finds his way in and also finds Diesel soaking wet and with a raging hard on. Elio enjoys the view and decides to strip down and join Diesel. Diesel steps out of the shower and goes down on Elio’s already hard cock. The guys swap oral pleasures before moving to the bedroom, where Diesel begins eating Elio’s smooth ass. Diesel works his way along the path of pleasure, starting with Elio’s hot hole down his taint to his balls to his cock head and back again. With Elio’s ass primed Diesel rams his cock full length into Elio. Elio then flips over and off of the bed with his legs spread wide open and his pink hole fully exposed and open for Diesel. With this new position Diesel feeds his cock deep into Elio, which gives us a perfect viewing of this deep penetration. With his ass in the air and completely filled, Elio pumps his cock until he sprays his hot load all over his abs and pecs. Diesel helps him out by continuing to pump his ass as the cum flows from Elio. Diesel is turned on by the show that he squats over Elio and dumps his load all over his chest, face and mouth. Elio’s tongue is hungry for the taste of Diesel’s load and Diesel accommodates him and feeds the last drops of this load directly into Elio’s hungry mouth. Time for another shower.”


Kristen Bjorn….David Smetek..Niklas Serdberg

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Oct 162016


David Smetek..Niklas Serdberg

“Niklas is at home pleasuring himself when he gets a hit on his phone from David. He invites David over and he is very excited to see that Niklas is already naked, hard and ready to go. David slowly strips for Niklas’ excitement as he also plays with the blonde peach fuzz on Niklas’ ass. Niklas takes David’s long, uncut cock into his mouth and begins to pleasure both of them. Niklas then flips head over heels which lands his cock and fury ass in the air and David automatically begins sucking his cock and eating his fury hole. David repositions Niklas and shoves his hot cock into Niklas’ hungry hole. David pumps away at Niklas’ fury hole before flipping him around and fucking him from behind. With Niklas’ legs spread wide open David is able to penetrate him deeper and deeper until he sprays his creamy load all over Niklas’ fury nuts. Niklas is so turned on from the sensation of his stretched hole and cum drenched balls that he blows his own load all over his abs. Make sure you tap the right app.”


Kristen Bjorn….Brad Hern..Rodrigo Calas

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Oct 162016


Brad Hern..Rodrigo Calas

“Brad wakes up from his nap horny and luckily for him Rodrigo is home and horny as well. Rodrigo pops his huge, uncut, hard cock from his gym shorts and begins feeding it to Brad. It turns out that Rodrigo was hornier than Brad thought. As Brad is lapping at Rodrigo’s balls he squeezes out his creamy load all over Brad’s muscular chest. Rodrigo then takes Brad’s meaty cock in his mouth and throat before bending him over and ramming his hard cock deep inside of Brad’s hungry hole. Brad then flips Rodrigo and forces his meaty cock into Rodrigo’s hole. As Brad fucks Rodrigo hard and deep, Rodrigo rips off his second load and draws the cum from Brad’s heavy sac that lands all over his balls.”