Lucas Kazan….Alex Magnum & Alexy Tyler

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Sep 222016


Alex Magnum & Alexy Tyler

A ghost hotel, an architect, a horny vagabond. Power bottom Alexy Tyler is back, hornier and better looking than ever. Watch him devour Alex Magnum’s cock, then ride it with furor. Despite the title, “Hotel Morocco” was filmed in Tunisia –not without risks and a few accidents (soon to be revealed in a tell-all behind the scenes. Stay tuned…)


Lucas Kazan….Alex Magnum & Federico D’Angelo

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Sep 222016


Alex Magnum & Federico D’Angelo

“No smoking in the house.” Italian newcomer Federico D’Angelo finds out the ‘hard’ way when the Master of the House (Alex Magnum) teaches him a lesson he won’t soon forget.


Lucas Kazan….Andrea

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Sep 222016



Would you believe Andrea is only 18 and a high school senior? Sicilians (and Mediterranean guys in general) often look more ‘mature’. But Andrea is something else: hairy, burly, too young to be a bear cub and yet… Andrea used to box, today he’s more into playing guitar and riding his bike. It’s no surprise that, at 18, he effortlessly kept it rock hard for Ettore’s camera.


Lucas Kazan….Bruno

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Sep 222016



Bruno has ‘star’ written all over him. Tall, muscular, a tireless erection and seductive eyes, Bruno is your quintessential narcissist. But also a graduate student, working two jobs to pay for his studies. He’s been in a relationship for three years now: who’s the lucky boyfriend?


Lucas Kazan….Carmelo

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Sep 222016



Director/talent scout Ettore Tosi has debuted hundreds of beautiful Italian men. But 20 year old Carmelo sure stands out. His muscular build, his tan, his smile… everything about this jock is nothing short of perfect. “I jerk off three or four times a day”, admits Carmelo. “If I didn’t, I’d go crazy. I mean, I’m 20: I can fuck six or seven times in a row!” Any volunteers?


Lucas Kazan….Dario Beck

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Sep 222016


Dario Beck

A longtime TitanMen exclusive, Dario has set the blue screen afire with his matinee idol good looks, his big uncut cock and his sexual charisma. He has spent years before the camera, as a fashion model and a film stunt man. Which makes this ebullient Spaniard all the more confident on the set.


Lucas Kazan….Ettore Tosi

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Sep 222016


Ettore Tosi

“Happy birthday, ETTORE TOSI. The “blue-eyed sex beast” (so the “Adam Gay Directory” named him) got his start as a production assistant back in 1998 and took on a full-time position with Lucas Kazan Productions soon thereafter. He’s long been the spokes model for the company, gracing countless covers, books and calendars and making a name for himself as Italy’s first gayporn star. Enjoy this un-released photo set from his earlier days and toast to his birthday (oh yes, he’s a Scorpio): furry chest, magnetic smile, sexual charisma… Ettore has it all.”


Lucas Kazan….Federico Bulsara

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Sep 222016


Federico Bulsara

“I can’t think of a better tribute to Federico’s all-Italian beauty than this unreleased photo-set (check it out in the photo section). Under the Tuscan sun and its magic, this former TV host looks even sexier, more athletic and more glamorous than I remembered, his skin softer, his eyes more hypnotic. It took me years to talk Federico into going hardcore after his soft debut. And yes, he was worth every effort! “